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I am interested in finding out what other 'tweens are reading so please sign my guestbook and tell me about your favourite stories. You might need to check with a parent for permission to post first.

Is there a book you'd like me to review? Let me know here or leave a comment in my blog.

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Website 14. Jul, 2021

Lela S.

Hi Jazzy,

I came across your site recently, and I've been hooked. Your book reviews are really intriguing. I'm an avid reader myself, and I love to review books as well! One of my favourite books is Bloom by Kenneth Oppel. I reviewed it on my newspaper, CookyLela News.
You can find my review here: . As well as that, I've reviewed your site on my newspaper! You can find the review here:



3. Aug, 2019


Hi Jazzy,

I’m 13 and here are some great book suggestions: ‘Mirrorworld’ series by Cornelia Funke, ‘Wildwood Dancing’ by Juliet Marillier and ‘The Books of Bayern’ by Shannon Hale. I think you would like the Mirrorworld series the best out of these three based on your
book reviews.

Website 4. Sep, 2017

Alex Dawson

Hi Jazzy.

Hope things are all good. It was nice catching up with you at Early Learning Labs in January 2017. Check out my Simplesite website, it is so easy to create with Simplesite so thankyou for sort of inspiring me to use this platform



Website 26. Jul, 2017


Great site keep doing a good job KEEP READING

25. Jul, 2017


Hi Jazzy, its Benny here, I'm 7 years old and I go to Sydney Grammar School. Thank you for your message and your book list, I love your website its very cool, the music in the background is a great touch! My two top books to read are: The you choose series,
they are great stories because you get to choose which ending of the story you'd like. My second is Laugh your head off, its super funny!

Website 11. Jun, 2017


This is cool!:)

Website 7. Feb, 2017


Wow, this website is amazing! I love your choose your own story idea! Check out mine at

Website 30. Dec, 2016

Internet Alpaca aka Lauren

Hi Jazzy, So I was just searching on the web for blog sites just like mine and found you! I'd love it if u could take a look at my blog site at Thanks -Lauren x

Website 26. Aug, 2016

Penny Reeve

Hi Jazzy,

It was great meeting you this week and talking books in BookClub! (How's Coraline going? I haven't had a chance to finish reading my copy yet - it's been a crazy week!)

Loved browsing your site this morning. It's a fantastic resource for tween readers (and for other people who like to get a glimpse into the reading life of tweens). Keep reading, writing and promoting books!

Website 27. Jul, 2016


This website is so cool! No wonder you have many views! I am a tween , like how you said , this website is for tweens - and I love this website. Check out mine!

Website 19. May, 2016

Starry Storyteller

Hello! This is an AWESOME website... I have on too with Twinkle TaleTeller! ... we should think of putting reviews on our website. I have never seen a simplesite website sooo cool and awesome!!! :) :) keep writing!

18. May, 2016

Alex Dawson and Mrs Relf

Hi Jazzy!

How are things at your new school?

We hope things are going great from Nareena Hills Public School!

From Mrs Relf and Alex Dawson.

Website 9. May, 2016

Twinkle TaleTeller

Review liesl and po!!!! My website is on stories to!!! and

31. Aug, 2015


Choose A for the choose your own adventure.

15. Aug, 2015


Hi Jazzy can you write a blog about Two Wolves.

8. Aug, 2015

Alex Dawson

I am currently reading Two Wolves by Tristan Bancks.

30. Jun, 2015

Mrs Parker

Wow Jazzy your blog is so cool, I have enjoyed reading your blogs about all the different books you have read, keep reading :)

29. Jun, 2015


Hi Jazzy can you write a blog about Skulduggery Pleasant. Please.

23. Jun, 2015


Jazzys website is awesome it is cool when you write acoment it is soooooo awesome jazzy thankyou

23. Jun, 2015


You need one of these they are awesome jazzy

22. Jun, 2015


Hi Jaz, great blog. I've been reading through this website I think its really good. :)

Website 8. Jun, 2015

Deborah Abela

Hey Jazzy! I can't wait to met you and make the video to encourage kids everywhere to sign up for the MS Read-a-thon!

Website 28. May, 2015


Hi Jazzy, when you have time, have a look at Wildwood Chronicles by Colin Meloy and let us all know what you think!

21. May, 2015


hi i know a series of books that you might like the rondo series by emily roda

17. May, 2015


Hey Jazzy! I love your blog. I have just started reading Skulduggery Pleasant and I really like it.

Website 8. May, 2015


Fantastic blog, Jazzy, love it. Keep up the reviews and blog posts, and inject your quirky awesomeness into this! :)

8. May, 2015

Mrs Relf

Wow! Congratulations Jazzy, this looks really great. I will promote this at school. Thanks for sharing your passion for reading!

8. May, 2015


I love it & look forward to reading more blogs from you.

4. May, 2015


This is a wonderful initiative. I look forward to joining you on your book adventure, Jazzy!